Improve Your Bottom Line


Our one-to-one executive coaching enables us to design bespoke programmes which suit your own circumstances and needs.

A typical programme would be up to 3 months, enabling us to embed changes, with personal support as you go along.

Improve your work performance and get more energy for home life as well!

EVP 40 – 60

The EVP 40 – 60 coaching has been specially designed for those who have reached a ‘certain age’.

This programme is tailored to your needs at your time of life; and it is delivered by experienced coaches who know what you are going through.

A slow decline as we get older is not inevitable – so why not find your ‘va va vroom’ and get buzzing again!


All the EVP Courses are backed up by the specially designed 50-page EVP Coaching Manual. This provides science-based information and crucial insights into physical and mental performance.

Every participant then creates their own EVP Action Plan which maps out how you will achieve your objectives and how you will measure your change in performance.


Geoff. Owner and Managing Director. M and E Company

”In recent years I found myself feeling tired most of the time and often would dose off at my desk at work in the afternoon.

I then started to work with Peter at EVP who analysed my nutrition, exercise and relaxation patterns. We then agreed a personalised Action Plan which focussed upon three relatively simple changes.

Within three weeks my energy levels had improved and I no longer need a nap!

We then started to tackle some longer term goals. Over the years my weight had gradually gone up; so my goal is to get back to my weight when I finished playing rugby. Peter helped me understand that a slow decline into older age is not inevitable and that we can do something about it!

This is where the EVP Coaching Manual came in – for me this provided a real education and insights into what I needed to know to look after myself.

I have now started a weight management programme and am using some of the stress management techniques from the Manual. Currently I am 2 notches down on my belt with 3 to go!”

Mike. IT Project Manager. Major Transformation Programmes

”It was on my 50 birthday when that I decided I wanted to get back my ‘Va-Va-Vrroom’! Back in the day, when I was 30, I felt I could do everything – work, sport, cycling, gardening – no problem. But things had started to become a bit of a struggle; not helped by up-coming big changes at work.

EVP helped me by providing the tools to make some real changes. Using the EVP Manual, Peter helped me set some challenging targets based on my own lifestyle and preferences.

Over a period of 6 weeks I felt myself having more energy and resilience.

This was crucial since the reorganization at work started to hit me hard and I felt better able to deal with it. Also Peter used his previous management experience to coach and motivate me to get through some of the stressful change that was taking place”

John. Property Manager. Housing Company

‘’EVP has heightened my understanding on what I eat can have impact on how I feel and cope; it has improved my levels of energy, concentration and motivation to improve my own performance and that of my team.

It has made me focus on the future and how I need to get health concerns under control before they become an issue which will have a direct impact of on my longer term objectives within the business.’’