EVP provide workshops for organisations which vary in length and intensity depending upon client’s needs, objectives and budget.

Weights and Apple - Exercise and Diet



The workshop provides participants with an understanding of the body’s energy systems and enables them to make lifestyle choices which boost their energy and performance.

The workshop is highly interactive and participatory and past graduates have said this is a transformational experience

”Life changing – both for work and personal life. Definitely recommend the workshop”
Gill, Sales Manager, International IT Company

Workshops come on half and one-day formats and are designed for teams or individuals up to a maximum of 12 people

Our follow-up support is crucial in embedding the messages and habits from the workshops. It includes:-

  • Systematic follow-up questionnaires which come as standard
  • Our dedicated Member Zone gives access to full on-line support and resources


EVP can provide an external resource and support for your health and well being programmes or ‘away days’.


All the EVP Courses are backed up by the specially designed 50-page EVP Coaching Manual. This provides science-based information and crucial insights into physical and mental performance.

Every participant then creates their own EVP Action Plan which maps out how you will achieve your objectives and how you will measure your change in performance.

Case Study – City West Housing Trust

”Health, well-being and performance are important to us at City West, so we incorporated the EVP Workshop into our Leadership Academy. All of our seven participants benefitted from the course; of which three made significant improvements to their energy levels and, for one, it was transformational.

The EVP team were highly experienced and professional and their ongoing monitoring ensured that the benefits were embedded in our team.”

Lisa Scully. Assistant Director. City West Housing Trust